Uri Alon (the member of Kartoshkes) is a unique scientist. After contributing game-changing ideas to the fields of network analysis and systems biology, he focused on another type of change: the way we do science. He spread his ideas about empathy in science to the highest echelons of scientific institutions around the world using simple black-board lectures and his guitar. He calls upon scientists to form peer groups to support one another and to change the culture of science at their institution.


The moment you are deepest in the cloud of confusion is when you are closest to discovery. However, scientific method is typically taught as a completely rational process with clear steps from question to answer. To teach ourselves about being creative in the cloud of confusion, we can learn from a completely different field : improvisation theatre. Uri speaks about his journey through science and what he learned about doing science from his experience as an improvisation theatre actor.

 TED הרצאתו של פרופסור אורי אלון, שחקן ומנחה באנסמבל קרטושקס